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  1. A few comments & questions for the floor:

    1. When NYMEX moves Light-sweet and Natty gas trading from Globex to Clearport next month, are we going to lose access to these contracts on IB??

    2. Anyone been trading the IPE contracts - Brent, Gasoil, Natty gas - w/ IB? I'm interested to hear what others think as I consider putting these on my screen.

    3. Could someone from IB remind us again why TOCOM isn't offered?

    Any other suggestions for trading the energy complex through IB are most welcome.

    Thanks ...
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    IPE is not available yet from IB. It will be exchange fee free when it starts.
  3. def

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    IPE should be available very soon.

    TOCOM, we're not members so it's just a matter of access.
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    def, will we be able to trade crude through Clearport at IB? Thanks.
  5. An interesting development here seems that currently happens what nobody really anticipated: The IPE appears to catch more & more volume and traders who seem to switch over from the CL/Nymex contract.

    Fridays volume in the CL was (cum.) ~180k while the IPE did ~135k.

    I think not long ago the IPE/CO was a fraction (in terms of volume) of Nymex/CL.

    Any insights here ?
  6. I wonder if IPE can be a substitute for Globex. I haven't looked into it, but I suspect most data vendors will charge extra fees for it. How much volume does brent do during US RTH anyway?

    I don't understand why IB hasn't said something about the change over from globex. If they have and I missed it, I apologize, but it seems to be something that will require some preparation by traders if they have to go to another product.
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    Are you guys going to become a member of TOCOM??

    Under the new Japanese rules should be easy. It is all electronic now.
  8. IB,

    It looks like by mid-June your customers will likely have no access to futures & options trade in energies ... uggh.
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