IB ehich clears through RJ Obrien

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  1. I have 7 accounts with Tradestation and their customer service could not be worst, I need an IB to move my futures accounts to but it must clear through RJ Obrien. Anyone?
  2. I think that you could just hold your accounts with RJ OBrien and trade a self directed account using their own front end software.
  3. i'm on the floor. terra nova for 199 or less contracts per month is $10.42
    per contract. thats a joke and a crime
  4. $4 per side plus $1.14 routing fee per side.

    It does seem high, I have never seen an order routing fee stated before. Also $4 per side seems high as well for e-mini.
  5. Ira Epstein & Company uses RJO for NY clearing.

    They have very low e-mini rates. Round turns can get under $5 if you have volume.

    They offer OST-IraCharts, which they developed and which competes head on with TT for 1/10th the price.

    Good customer service. They care about their customers.
  6. Truff


    Round turn rates under $5 with volume? LOL Wake up, the little guys trade for under $5 already.
  7. Use RJO "find broker" page...

    It's awkward cuz you have to list by state/city, but at least you don't visit a gazillion broker pages just to find out who they clear through.

    It would be great if there was single source broker listing that included clearing firm, and kept up-to-date.