IB driving me crazy!

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  1. what i sup with the people at this firm ?!
    Not only their developers can't seem to produce anew TWS build that doesn't come with its share of new hair raising bugs but they also mess up the proper functioning of third part applications and of your own computer !

    Forcing customers to upgrade knowing that they will also need to upgrade JRE, 3d party apps and of course spend extra time to fix the usual glitches (with little help from tech support) is showing disrespect, disrespect for my time and my right to have a life outside trading. Unlike IB developers I am not getting paid when I play around for hours with TWS installation and what not!
    Frankly dealing with those technical problems, lost settings, lost pages, symbols, lost stop orders NOT TO MENTION IB robotic customer service, is really getting at me to the point I start to think it's not worth it .
  2. They froze me out of my TWS and then told me to take a walk when I tried to find out how to fix the problem.
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    you were frozen out because of technical problems with tws or some other problems?
  4. Never got an answer on that one.
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    what were the problems you can't get resolved? I've never had any issues with IB at all, although I don't use any kind of 3rd party interface for auto trading, which may cause issues. For me, they've been perfect.
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    I bet you have not been using IB TWS very long if you have never had issues with it..................
  7. Seems to me that the OP does not have a well defined acceptance testing environment in place.

    Have been 4 years with them and have had the odd technical issue but I am not changing. It is all part of the trading, you cannot expect anything to be 100% perfect.

    And then you have to plan when things do not go according to plan, and if you have no alternatives in place then do not blame IB but blame your own lack of foresight and preparation.

    Roald Amundsen (the polar explorer) in 1927

    Victory awaits those who have everything in order - people call that luck
    Defeat is certain for those who have forgotten to take the necessary precautions in time - people call that bad luck.

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    almost 2 years. there's been the odd time I can't log in, but that's rare - either way, i've been happy.

    but again, I don't use a ton of fancy apps with it, so maybe some of you guys may have more issues.........
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    I couldn't find an appropriate existing thread so I'll use this one.

    1) This isn't necessarily a problem but why is it that on IDealPro sometimes I can see my open order when placed in between the MM spread and sometimes I can't?

    2) As you know on the latest version of TWS you managed to screw up the price alerts. I use this feature a lot. What's taking so long to fix it?

    3) I have the latest TWS installed on 2 separate computers (not used at the same time) have comcast cable at home Bellsouth DSL at the office and I use a multitude of other ISP's in hotels all over the country.
    No mater where I am several times a day for weeks now my quotes freeze and the normally green market data status turns red. The episodes usually only last 15 - 30 seconds but it's really annoying and potentially costly.
    I sent an email to tech support last week complete with ping and tracert data but I still haven't got a response.
    I'm not a computer geek but it seems to me that since it's happening at so many locations on so many different ISP's it's going to be hard to blame the ISP.

    FWIW I've been a generally satisfied and loyal customer for roughly 6 years so I'm not an IB basher.
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    Er/Uh.....Why don't you simply find a better broker?
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