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    On 28 December at approximately 10:24 EST, IB experienced a system failure leading to a significant service disruption affecting all US exchanges and all clients connecting to our US data center. The disruption lasted in an acute state approximately 35 minutes until 11:00 EST. Core functionality was reestablished at 11:05 although some minor order routing issues persisted thereafter.

    While the reasons for the problem are still under investigation, our initial analysis has determined that there was a hardware failure in equipment responsible for linking our primary data network to the backup network. Our data centers are designed to be "hot switching" meaning that a failure in one segment triggers an instantaneous activation of services in the backup segment without any impact on real-time operations. In principal, the design is multi-path so there is substantial fault tolerance. In this event, it appears that the nature of the triggering failure compromised the synchronization process between the networks leading to an inability for them to automatically recover.

    We recognize that a fault tolerant, robust system is of paramount important to our clients. We have invested heavily, and continue to invest, to provide a minimal downtime framework. Unfortunately, complex systems such as IB's, which link thousands of trading terminals to many dozens of exchanges and trading venues, still pose substantial challenges to achieving complete fault tolerance. We regret the impact the problems caused by the system failure had on our clients and trading partners. We would like to assure all affected parties that we are committed to identifying and addressing any area that can compromise our ability to deliver fast and reliable service.

    Interactive Brokers Management

    *from System Status page on IB website.
  2. Thanks IB for the explanation.
  3. Amazing isn't it? They pay some "person" millions of dollars a year to steer this company through the waters, and he can't be bothered to sign his name to a letter responding to this event.

    Suddenly its "Interactive Brokers Management"

    Real class act.

  4. Someone will ALWAYS find something to complain about. ROFL!!!!!

  5. What makes you think "he" was writing the letter and not on holiday/at the end of a phone line somewhere in the world.
  6. Maybe the entire management team felt responsible and wanted to acknowledge it.

  7. Let me ask you this...When in your experience has an "entire management team" felt responsible for anything (that went wrong) in the financial world?

    Lets get real..Ultimately some "person" is responsible for maintaining this system's performance. That person should have done a better job of it. Finally, some human being should have signed that letter. This is basic professional conduct. Some of you may not be familiar with that concept, or you may disagree on what constitutes "professional" conduct. I am clear on it myself.


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    --- "Real class act." What Bullshit! Just like you,ehh? Moron. :p
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    One wonders why you keep coming back just to get your ass thrown out again (and again, and again).

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    I was thinking about this while having cake and coffee.

    It seems that everyone is hooked up to the same mainframe and in this case, there was a failure in the main computer, and then the backup went on the fritz as well.

    It would be great if one of their reps could come on here and talk about what happened in detail ... and maybe the steps they are taking to rectify the situation.

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