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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by zentrader, Jan 11, 2006.

  1. Can't log in for an hour now, on HK Server. Status page says systems are normal, webchat won't load and phone waiting time > 10 mins.

    Everyone else ok?
  2. no problemo here
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    I saw a note last night about futures options being down. Apparently they are still down this AM. I tried two separate accounts, logged in and out several times. Quotes are fine and TWS status is green but changing orders only results in a light blue status and check margin returns nothing. Tech support doesn't open til 8am, so I guess I'm stuck with my current orders. This is certainly an inopportune time to have technical issues. Is anyone else able to get orders to go green on FOPs?


  4. On my machine TWS will not open after log in screen.
  5. yesterday as soon as yhoo results came in platform froze for much of the decline ( I had the booktrader open and armed ).
    I wonder if someone else here has experienced the same.

  6. Ok, strike my previous post, the web based TWS app is up and running. Must be a problem on my machine with the desktop app.
  7. ktm


    My existing GTC orders from yesterday are not even active. The market has already moved past two of my ER2 orders and several others would be NBBO, but are not displayed. This does not appear to be an exchange issue as futures volume is heavy and futures options appear to be transacting as well.

    Tokyo closed early, partially from the heavy downdraft and allegedly from their technology being overwhelemed by the volume. I guess I will be on the phone at 0800 with IB. I hope they at least cancel my orders that have been passed over...or maybe the futures will move back up and help me out.

    Web trader is running for me too, however changing orders isn't working there either.
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    My desktop ver 854.7, US East Coast ISP, is working fine right now...
  9. ktm


    Looks like it's working 100% on mine now as well.
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    One clarification. IB didn't have any problems with Japan futures/options today. The Osaka exchange had EXTREME delays in their data/fills/confirmations which impacted all participants of all brokers. At the worst point they trailed the Singapore N225 futures and Tokyo cash by 100 points and several minutes.
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