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    Tom, what's the matter? Don't you know that the Internet is just one singular super-long string between two tin cans? *sarcasm meter at full*

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    Beautiful! What a way to start the weekend. Thank you, OvNite! It's wailin' now, as I prepare an early dinner.
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  3. So, could you help me understand just one thing please: how is it possible that IB would ever state it suffered from an outage precisely st the daily reset time? Because the time OP claimed he experienced an outage was precisely the time the IB daily reset generally happens. We must indeed be living in different universes. That time of the claimed outage was the server reset time and even if IB at the very same time would have suffered internal issues that impacted users, then why does a user get rattled who claimed he had been with IB since 1999. You still can't see how this poses an inconsistency?

    PS. : I admit, upon further re-reading of OP's initial post that I inflated things to some degree. Guilty as charged and for that I like to apologize.

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    That admittance there leads me to believe that you may yet survive here. Checking yourself, re-analyzing, re-evaluating. Humility is so needed in these gruff days. Good stuff.
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    "Jai guru deva, om" friend. :)
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    Computers have been a part of my professional life for 35 years: "reset" is an innocent term that means "Here comes disaster." Look in any Dev/Ops area: skeleton staff is the middle of a run. When do they have both shifts present? "Reset." (Also known as changeover, update, startover, initiation, etc etc .... That's the time when fingers are crossed.
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  7. Apparently you don't use IB else you would get what the term "reset" here specifically refers to. It's when IB internally resets pnl, switches over to a new trading day regarding various valuation and stress testing algorithms, "resets" interest debits and credits to asses a new trading day, calculates rolls and assesses dues/charges, and the like. It has nothing to do with any problem solving, debugging, fixing of errors or the like.

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    My first versions of TWS were in the 860s, puppy.
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  9. Same as your sense of humor apparently.... :D

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