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    There are the servers which you choose from when connecting (Europe, America, Asia and China) and then there are the servers for data. These don't have to be the same and the data servers can only be changed by talking with IB. Also, I believe the servers in Chicago are only used for data, the "login" server for US is only in CT (which also supplies data).
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  2. That is to my point actually. IB connectivity for retailers is forced through the few regional server hooks and then internally requests might be fanned out to data servers or others. Op stated disconnect which means the entire regional hub must have been down which I know it was not. In the past I came across people stating they were locked out when others had connectivity. I never heard convincing evidence to support such claims. Could it be possible. I guess. But most often it comes down to issues on the user end. I can't remember in the past 2 years a single time I could not connect to IB due to IBs gateway being down.

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    In the past 5 years, I've experienced it at least once. I don't recall the exact year. IB acknowledged it as well.
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    I had a connectivity issue between 5:30 and 6pm Eastern time for a few minutes. Unless this is something new, I wasn't aware they did server resets at this time?

    The server resets have always been overnight in the wee hours.
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    There are multiple resets at different times. The page says it's done by 17:00 ET (5pm) but in reality it often lasts until 17:25.
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    I also experienced issues last night between 5pm and 6pm eastern time. There was something going on last night that made requests to IB timeout. I could ping www.interactivebrokers.com but trying to browse to their website took a couple of minutes per request. Plus, I got booted from my trading account and couldn't login. Either there was a problem at IB (most likely) or there were problems with nodes on the internet between myself and IB. Just because you didn't experience any problems, doesn't mean there weren't any.
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    Yes. This is exactly what happened to me. As I said - I called and the CS desk and they also got disconnected and the issue was from the Connecticut servers. Most people are not on these servers but the website is also based out of there and they had issues with it as well.

    My server reset happens in the middle of the night (America). This happened shortly after 5 PM EST.

    Do some of you actually have nothing better to do but make wild assumptions and make fun of others?

    I will not waste anymore of my time on this.

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    I had issues monday for the first time when API requests wouldn't be returned and were just ignored. Solved by restarting the gateway.
    On top of that I had non-IB issues, all of Japan was offline for me for hours.

    Strange week.
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    Yea, I had the same disconnect issue yesterday around 5PM EST. Definitely was not the usual server reset. Also some of my automated IB trade reports didnt run yesterday that usually run around that time.
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    This thread has so much fail. Anybody who doesn't plan for basic failures is doomed to fail.

    Do you have a backup Internet link? Do you have self-documented procedures that you can use "in case of emergency"? Does your wife/husband/trading partner know how to do this? Have they tried it out? What do you do if your broker is completely unavailable to contact? Do you have a second/third account you can use to hedge your position until that time? Do you have separate systems you can spin-up in the event of system failure?

    PS - Posting to a forum does not constitute a valid backup plan.
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