IB Down??

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by mskl, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. mskl


    My TWS went down about 15 minutes ago. Anyone else having this problem?
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    never mind. outage was with only some accounts. fixed now
  3. d08


    Server reset/maintenance period. This happens every day around this time.
  4. Does the concept of rtff exist on this site? What's extra hilarious is to make up some BS about certain accounts down.
  5. d08


    Read The F*cking Footnotes?
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  6. ... Or forum, both. It bewilders me how someone can fund an account and yet not know a thing about how it works, aside the fact this has been mentioned, discussed, complained about, a million times on ET. Plus it is explained on the broker website. What is even more bewildering is to pull out a story about how only some accounts were impacted, as if OP called up IB and was told that story.

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  7. Overnight


    What is even more sadder (sic) is that it used to be RTFM. Now it is all online so we have to do RTFF so we can relate to people who have never read things on physical paper.
  8. Re-invent yourself, dinosaur :p

  9. mskl


    you guys are too funny.

    For the record - I have been with IB since 1999. I'm aware of the server reset.

    I eventually called and they had a server down (in connecticut) that affected some customers.

    I'm glad I could entertain some of you.
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  10. Except I was on the api gateway and tws at said time and not a single server was down. By the way IB does not have multiple servers for tws or the api gateway, they have regional servers and none was down. With all due respect but you are pulling stories out of your arse. The exact time in question was the server reset. Whether you forgot about it or had no clue or faced isp issues or your kid pulled a cord is irrelevant. It's just sad you can't own up to it and admit and move on.

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