IB down?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by ktm, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. ktm


    My TWS is up, but is acting like the exchange is closed. I have no quotes for ES or any ES based options. My account window is still reading the same numbers from the weekend even though ES is down 5 per CNBC.

    I've been in the hold que for 20 mins and no one speaks English on chat right now. Is anyone else having issues?
  2. hafez50


    yes same problem here. all other futures accept es work. nobody answering phone either. in 14 yrs this is first time i've ever seen this
  3. The problem appears to be specific to contracts traded on Globex (ES, NQ, NIY and FX futures). Those traded on ECBOT or NYMEX are fine...
  4. gmst


    among index futures only YM is available. ES, NQ and EMD are down - no quotes for them.
  5. gmst


    correct. must be an outage on globex then.
  6. hafez50


    no because other sites have globex quotes and so does the cme i think
  7. swyz


    i called them, but nobody answered the phone
  8. What I meant to say was that it's an IB problem but it's specific to their Globex feed. Saxo Bank's platform and the CME website are both showing live Globex quotes as usual.
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