IB down on me 11/24

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by John Lydon, Nov 24, 2003.

  1. Excuse the pun! But IB was down for over 5 minutes this (early) morning: 03:22am - 03:28am EST. Did anyone else have a problem at the exact same time, or was it just me?
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    In a german board some users complained about this, too. I have had no problem all morning, I'm on gw1.


    Bernd Kuerbs
  3. This is what's so frustrating - some users are OK and some not. Which means I KNOW that IB will just say it's an individual user problem. Funny thing is that the people who are not OK, all seem to have individual internet problems at precisely the same time. Pure coincidence of course. I've got a rock solid ADSL connection that was fine during my five min outage.

    People asleep during this time period and/or those not trading during an outage probably don't even know when they occur. It's crude but I'd propose that EVERY IB customer turn on their "Show help tips at startup" window. Because every time you get cut-off and come back online again, this window will show itself. Let everyone SEE when they have a log-off/disconnect.

    Click Configure/Misc/Tip of the Day and place a check mark: and prepare to get pissed off ....

    I like IB but the relaibility of late has been hellish. I was hoping that a fresh week would put it in the past, after last week's problems.
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    I could not login but IB told me to try without ssl ticked and it is ok now.
  5. I chose the US server when installing the TWS. Is it possible to change it?
  6. Same thing here. Can't log in for 3 hours now. Without ssl OK.

    Just21, thanks for the input.
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    How do you monitor your connection? Try a product like "pingplotter" to monitor your route to IB. Do this for several days/hours and you are likely to see some funny spikes in the ping times. Nothing you will take note of during normal surfing, but something that is likely to temporarily confuse TWS. Your ISP may be rock-solid, but your order is likely to travel beyond the bounds of its responsibility and be transferred by some less solid companies. Or the company may be rock-solid too, but just have a problem temporarily. A few weeks back, my ISP chose to route the packets destined for gw1, the swiss server, via the USA. Did wonders to the ping times.

    No one guarantees you a specific time for your packets to travel to their destination, they do not even guarantee they will arrive at all.

    This is the very reason I have configured this feature too: but today there were no restarts. Though there might have been some "pink grids", I do not monitor for them.

    I have had it the other way round too: I had problems and no one else (at least no one responded).

    There is no single server at the swiss or USA location. If you happen to be located on a specific server you might have problems, while your very neighbor, routed to a different server on the same location, is happy.

    Recently, I was routed to a different server (within gw1) and was shocked about the (bad) quotes. I hurried to be rerouted.

    nevertheless, have a nice day

    Bernd Kuerbs
  8. How does one hurry to be rerouted? Last week I was getting
    more than my share of late quotes...
  9. How did you do that? You phoned and asked to be put on a different server????
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