IB down, no way to communicate

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  1. Cannot connect to IB (from Europe) since 8:10 central european time.

    Connections to other brokers working fine.

    No way to reach their customer service by phone.

    What do we have to expect from IB in the future?

  2. Im in the uk, i connect to european servers, IB is working fine for me..
  3. Mines good. I expect that things will be good for me in future too :)

    Why can't you call one of their 3 international offices?
  4. I've had some problems with HSI data in the last couple of days. Specifically, the API is not forwarding VOLUME events, though all other tick event types are OK. Volume is updating on the TWS page. Restarting TWS does not help. The problem exists with Nov and Dec contracts. I have not been able to find any other contracts that exhibit the same problem.
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  6. Still cannot connect to any IB servers (even demo) with the standalone version.

    Strange enough everything moves smoothly with the web-based version (Build 900.1).

    I have Java Version 1.6.0_13 (which is only slightly outdated afaik). Cannot tell about the standalone version since it doesn't let me come so far that I can see it in the moment. I only know that I did not got with the latest 1 or 2 updates of TWS.

    (Finally reached IB customer service on the phone after waiting 45 min, they assumed the problem is on my side).

    For me it is really astonishing how IB jumps from version to version without caring too much about their users/compatibility.
    It really shouldn't be too much programming effort to give the user a message when he is running a version that is considered "too old" instead of dying without notice.

    Also I find the update process in case of a Java upgrade very annoying (all the erasing of old files etc. that they recommend and need). Why can't they supply proper installation files?
  7. If it died without notice it is a rather old version ... not just a little out of date.

    Try downloading the current or previous versions and see if you can fix your problem.
  8. Try a proxy server, uexkuell. Just google proxy servers and you'll get plenty of adresses to bypass your actual ISP's server
  9. Just a suggestion, whenever you check your account management page, go to the log in and make sure tws is current. I know things will break with each update, but it's somethign that can't be avoided. I also check Java once a month there on version 17. It's best to have your comp updated to help with trading. That's how I do it.
  10. Today, login (with the old standalone version, which I sure will update now) is again possible.

    Therefore possibly/probably some problem aside from the version alone.

    (Just to remind: everything worked with the download-version yesterday, in my eyes this makes clear, that it is not a problem with my connection or the general software configuration on the computer aside from TWS/Java)

    This "old" version is 894.4 from May 2009 (this is 5 versions back from the current as far as I can see).

    I leave it to your judgement whether this is a "rather old version".

    I think, if MSFT wouldn't further support their data formats 6 months after issuing a new version of "Word" even they would have some problems with their customers.
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