IB down - 6.26 12:35pm

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by liulala, Jun 26, 2006.

  1. liulala


    cannot log in

    PLease fix ASAP
  2. Bob111


    Cannot login not necessary IB fault. could be lot of things such as you internet provider for example.or simple bad(loose) cable connection between your computer and router or whatever you use.
    no disconnection here so far
  3. liulala


    Sorry, Looks like it is the problem of bell sympatico

  4. Bob111


  5. liulala



    My connection to internet get no problem. Seems sympatico has problems with several ports which are required by TWS. Anyway, the problem is solved.

  6. Anyone having problems with IB just starting about 10 minutes ago??? quotes kept freezing.
  7. sorry - only now noticed your post.

    I am running two computers (spreading the load) and am one running the real account and the other the simulator account. (one has an IB datafeed, the other has a third party datafeed)

    I noticed that one of them froze up during that period, the other kept going.

    No jumping to conclusions here: it can be the internet connection (likely) because the connection is routed through different "hops". If one of the "hops" is not functioning properly then you'll loose connection ( but it should automatically reconnect through another route...... ). And most ISP's and "hop" providers do not have the same sense of uptime as we require in trading (my local ISP is one of them, grr....... So when things get really critial I go to the extend of using one PC through dial-up and the other through broadband....)

    The more people have trouble the closer the hop is to IB. If everyone has problems then potentially it is IB itself. (or the connection from IB to the internet; ie the first "hop")

    Almost impossible to reproduce but this is a fact of life for the internet: it is inherently unstable. Hence that I have moved away from scalping / automated trading. Am now trying to move to multiday swings.

    vital analitics
  8. Sorry, but is IB stable?
    How often do you encounter breakdown? How long does it take IB to resolve the problems?