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    Has IB double charged anyone else for their July 2019 data feed subscriptions (market data)?

    I ran a custom YTD report on my account this morning, and the "Statement of Funds" clearly shows two charges on my account for all of my subscriptions. I only have one account.

    The rep I online chatted with at IB swears up and down that I was only charged once... But I see it plain as day that they deducted all the fees twice -- all of the line items stating "For July".

    I opened a ticket with them via email/message support and attached a screen grab. I'm just wondering if anyone else is being affected by this?
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  3. Ryan81


    Hmmm. I just looked further back, and they've actually been double charging me for quite a while! Even though it says "Client Fees" -- This isn't an advisor account -- I'm not managing anyone else's money. Weird.
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    Looks like this has been happening to me ever since October 2018! Ten months of paying double data subscription fees! I run reports regularly, but I must have missed this due to the fact that IB lists them with separate text line items on all the reports!
  5. That sucks...
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    Yeah. Looks like they double charged me for 10 months in total. But what's weird is, they gave me the $10 and $1.50 rebates back on BOTH sets of fees each month for the Snapshot Bundle and the OPRA options feeds for each month (since my commissions always exceed the threshold for that).... Very weird. Looks to be about an overchange total of $45 overall ($4.50 for NYSE/AMEX/NASDAQ for 10 months).

    In any case, I've explained all this in my "ticket" into IB. I'm curious to know how they're going to come back and tell me somehow it's my fault for some obscure thing in the setting screen that somehow got tripped incorrectly...
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    Roughly speaking (no exact science):

    1) earlier you had the $10 US bundle (waived if $30 comm etc.) with which you had everything

    2) at the date you mentioned they changed this as they were not allowed anymore (I guess by the 2 stock exchanges)

    3) the $10 bundle became a "snapshot service" for stocks (i.e. push a button and then see RT, first 100 free or something and after that 1 ct/shot)

    4) if you want RT stock data like before you have to buy 3x $1.50 (Nasdaq and 2x NYSE)

    5) I don't know why you buy OPRA, that should be in $10 bundle


    1) you only pay double for OPRA

    2) if you trade something $10 bundle and OPRA are waived, so than you don't pay 2 time anyhow.......
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    Thanks for your reply qwerty11, but I think you are missing the point.

    1) I am well aware of how IB changed their "bundle" to no longer include some live quotes and switched to snapshots.

    2) I don't recall the exact date that IB switched what their "bundle" included, but October 2018 seems plausible to me.

    3) I don't care about the snapshot stuff -- I subscribe to the bundle for the Futures quotes it provides. My commissions are always well above $30, so I get reimbursed

    4) I do subscribe to Level I from AMEX, NASDAQ and NYSE $1.50 * 3 = $4.50

    5) Are you sure the bundle includes OPRA? I thought when IB switched to their "new bundle" it no longer included it. However, the $1.50 it costs gets rebated back to me every month, as my commissions are over the $30 (or whatever) limit for it.

    My point about paying double -- Every month since Oct 2018, I've been charged
    TWICE for the $10 Bundle
    TWICE for the $1.50 OPRA
    TWICE for the $1.50 AMEX L1
    TWICE for the $1.50 NASDAQ L1
    TWICE for the $1.50 NYSE L1

    And also every month, I've been rebated:
    TWICE for the $10 Bundle
    TWICE for the $1.50 OPRA

    My issue is -- for the three data feeds for which I'm not being reimbursed/rebated (NASDAQ, AMEX, and NYSE) -- I've been billed TWICE every month for all of those. So I'm paying $9.00 total per month instead of $4.50 total (net of rebate/reimbursements).
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    Ahh ok, I assumed is was multiple pictures because of the black....

    so for 1 of the 2 it say "client fees", probably there are no clients attached to acct otherwise I guess you would have said......
  10. Ryan81


    Right. There are no clients on the account -- it's just me, my money. Not even a joint account.
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