IB DOM for Eurex not working

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by laocoon, Oct 20, 2005.

  1. laocoon


    My DOM for the DAX & ESTXX is empty this morning, anybody else eperiencing the same issue?
  2. Same here. Not working.
  3. laocoon


    I just restarted my TWS (for the 6th consecutive time) and now it's working again.
  4. Same here, I restarted and now it works.
  5. laocoon


    Today it's the DOM of the ES that's not working.....

    Come on IB, the weekend only starts tonight....
  6. All US futures actually...
  7. laocoon


    working again now, but only after numerous restarts....
    what's going on IB?
  8. laocoon


    Market Depth for the ES isnt't working AGAIN this morning....
    This problem has been going on for a week now (sometimes with Eurex products, sometimes with GLOBEX products) and nothing seems to have been done.

    I'd appreciate some feedback from Def on this.....

    The depth only reappears after numerous restarts (hasn't worked so far this morning)...very annoying
  9. ozzy


    I saw the same thing on the EURO about an hour ago.
  10. laocoon


    Is it working now? My DOM is still empty.....
    #10     Oct 24, 2005