IB do they provide tick- tiki-premimum

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by jem, Nov 13, 2006.

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    Does IB privide nyse tick - the dow tiki - and the premium

    If so what are the symbols and how do I subscribe.

    I currently have
    TICK-NYSE up and it says I have to subscribe. To which service.
  2. they do provide TICK

    they do not provide TIKI

    they do not provide Premium, but it is relatively easy to setup and calculate

    i graph it by setting up a graph in QT that calculates the running difference between SPX (cash S&P 500) and the ES contract.
  3. remind me how to do that whistler since QT does not chart spreads natively
  4. i set up a "portfolio" in QT where i am long one GLOBEX:mad:ESZ6 and short one CBOE:$SPX.

    the portfolio "total" will then be the premium (the difference in price between the futures and the cash index)

    simply chart that

    that is the premium

    right now it is at 4.38
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  6. It looks like AT plots the value change, not the 'total'. What's the gimmick to get the actual spread difference to plot?