IB disconnected many times

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by hermit_trader, Oct 7, 2002.

  1. The problems you had Fri were due to UUNET messing up the entire internet and the hurricane. It was discussed on TheStreet.com and here on ET.

    These sites report on current internet congestion and latency which can cause you to lose your connection to IB. Internet problems are not as frequent as they used to be, but they still occur.



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  2. relax def. i love IB and have no intention of leaving. but seriously, i don't know what kind of upgrades you guys are doing, but to use that excuse time after time gets pretty old pretty quick.
    and these thing can't be done after market hours and on weekends? (who the hell are you people using for this upgrade work? they don't seem to be able to upgrade a damn thing without causing it causing some kind of system outage. fire 'em and get someone that can do the job right. they're out there.)
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  3. def

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    Don't worry, I can stand the heat. But the facts are the facts.

    Most if not all upgrades to the network take place over the weekend. You can take two identical machines, load them up with the same software, hardware, test them and once in production one craps out. Could be a bad memory, dust, murphy's law, human error, anything. The amount of equipment sitting in our computer rooms is astounding. The guys servicing, designing and maintaining the equipment are exceptional and the same ones working on the Timber Hill trading systems. Naturally we need to do better. More fault tolerant systems need to be put in place. That is the goal. Perhaps with a few more "upgrades" we'll get there :)
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  4. coops


    "upgrade of systems" - ??? excuse my skepticism. Today, there is another TWS update..... surprised? I'm not. Yesterday, when eventually i was able to log on again, the TWS layout was changed from my usual default settings - the rapid order entry and other bits and pieces were all on view and so on.... now i never changed my TWS version between being disconnected and the fix, so how?

    The TWS is great, i just need to stop installing every damn new update that's all......

    still like IB Def........

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  5. If you are using the IB TWS API to trade, you owe it to yourself not to be an upgrade robot. Just say no to the new upgrades unless you really need the new features provided in the next upgrade. And when you finally do upgrade, make sure you have the previous files on hand so you can downgrade back to the older version quickly if that becomes necessary.
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  6. the tws quotes for eminis seem to be updating faster today? is this a result of the upgrade or that piece of chocolate cake I had for breakfast?
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  7. I noticed that for stocks as well. No more 7/10th of a second updating, Def?
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  8. I noticed a difference as well. Quotes changing so fast I thought something was "broken"!

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  9. IB good today huh:D everybody is happy. Me too, thsnks IB, I am up 8 points today with ES..I am very happy again today.:D
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  10. What the hell are all these ARCA problems? Its it ARCA or the connection between them and IB?

    This is a daily thing with them.
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