IB disconnected many times

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by hermit_trader, Oct 7, 2002.

  1. I am able to connect in one of my accts fine

    the other one disconnected and cannot log back in :eek:
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  2. Check IB system status. The problem this AM is IB.....based on what I see they have an unstable system. Went down here just after the opening...still down 30 minutes later.

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  3. Quah


    II believe one of their servers is having a problem - if your acct is on that server, you are also having a problem...
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  4. doher


    10:13 EST Currently some internet based TWS may have connectivity issues, our technicians are working on resolving this matter, all other IB systems are operating normally
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  5. JORGE


    No better way to start off a Monday morning losing $1000 while waiting on hold with IB support to close out 3 positions.
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  6. doher


    jeez - and i was counting on a 20 point day

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  7. Are these problems common with IB, or are the last few days just a one-off? How easy is it to get through on the phone when there are problems with the system?

    I am thinking of changing my broker & IB is one of the brokers on my shortlist. Though I think IB does a lot of things right, I've not been encouraged by the reliability of their system.

    Any comments?

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  8. coops


    :eek: :eek: :eek:

    here's a gif of the livechat i had....... doesn't seem to have any save or print option for the session - not surprising really.


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  9. JORGE


    I have traded with them for a year and a half and the last few days have been unreliable, although I am not sure it has been completely their fault. Getting through on the phone can be a pain in the ass especially on a Monday morning when their is a system outage. I was on hold for 10 min, which is an eternity when the market is moving.

    Overall I would guess the reliability of their system is probably no better or worse then others, but customer service could definitely use some improvements.
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  10. Please...IB has a problem, and evidently you 1)either are in an area where you don't experience it or 2) are an IB plant putting out misinformation.

    IB has been down in my location for almost 90 minutes now...and according to IB they are "working on it".

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