IB disconnected many times

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by 0008, Jul 24, 2003.

  1. 0008


    Does any experience the same?
  2. Htrader

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    IB connection is steady for me all morning. probably your internet connection.
  3. ib=bs
    do you see many institutions use them?
    hell no, they use x_trader and redi+.
  4. Kernol


    TWS on two machines.

    One day one seems to act up, the next day it will be the other.

    Rare to go the whole day with neither disconnecting.
  5. TWS with DSL is fine day after day, but maybe it does not like cable modem. TWS constantly will check the quality of its TCP/IP connection and may decide to re-connect.
  6. nitro


    One and a half years ago I had a lot of problems with IB. In the last Year? ZERO.

  7. Whamo


    My connection via DSL is usually pretty solid for TWS and Ensign with only a disconnection once every month or two. I did trade while on vacation via a cable modem and was constantly getting disconnected and had very sluggish performance compared to my DSL.
  8. Catoosa


    Some days I get disconnects by my Netgear FVS318 Router. The Router Security Log reads: TCP Connection Dropped, Possible Port Scan. I seldom get a disconnects due to TWS.
  9. A couple of weeks ago I kept getting dropped and reconnected. (Probably every 3-10 sec.!) I called IB Help and to make a long story short it was Cox. I called Cox and gave them the router information that the Help Desk gave me and the problem went away. Haven't had any trouble since.
  10. Ninja


    Can't count how often this comes up here at ET. Its always the same. People with lousy internet connections should not trade through IB.

    I use TWS regularly from two locations. One is at work, behind a firewall, with a lousy connection and that is where TWS disconnects/reconnects about every 20 minutes.

    The other connection is a good one via DSL from home. I can't remember when TWS needed to disconnect/reconnect there.
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