IB Disconnect From Server at Night

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by BlueStreek, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. I have to troubleshoot whether this is Concast or IB, but at night (and almost every night on a routine basis) I am disconnected from the server while other internet sites work.

    Does anybody else experience this with IB Browser based TWS Platform?
  2. yeah, I use Verizon wireless and often endure the same thing, alway late at night. I use the stand alone

    many times when I get the pink lines the first thing I check is my own personal connection and most times during the day it is not ib, but late at night, everything else is working fine and tws does it's pink parade

    didn't bother me much when I was trading ES, but if you are heavy in Europe it can be quite disconcerting

    not sure why you are using the browser

    I don't know anybody other than you that doesn't prefer the stand alone
  3. So you experience disconnect, reconnect in succession like 10 to 12 times every night in little 50 second or so disconnect time lapses?

    I guess that doesn`t rely on Broswer based then if your stand alone.

    Maybe I don`t know what I was missing, I used to use stand alone, but have used browser forever-I guess when I used to trade at work I wanted my settings available online.

    What possible other benefits to stand alone am I missing, just the major ones that you have noticed?

    I guess I could always just copy my settings and move from computer to computer without losing settings.
  4. back in 2006, I was in Vera Cruz Mexico and wanted to check my account. I went to a little internet cafe and there was my trading screen exactly the way I had left it. So I guess that was the browser, but back home I could load tws in a flash and never had to guess if anything had changed. Many of us use old versions because we know them and don't need any new improved changes. Plus the stand alone (for me) loads so much quicker in times of extreme duress.
  5. OT, Thanks

    I will call IB and check what the problem is as this has been going on for 2 plus years....and more and more I find myself trading at night with internatonal 23 hour markets - so if this is their issue they are too damb big for this server bs.