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    I've been looking over the threads here and have been trying to solve this problem with IB support for the past month but no luck.

    Here's the problem:

    Anywhere from 1 to 3 times a day I get a disconnection form IB but I still get market data, TWS turns pink. I never have to log in again it just reconnects.

    IB - says that the disconnection is not occuring at their end.

    We've tested packet loss and removed router from network with no difference in disconnects.

    I talked to my ISP and they ran a few tests and they've shown no ISP disconnects over the past month.

    Loaded TWS on an older computer that I have and ran a few days, no disconnects on older computer but new computer had the disconnects.

    Then loaded my third party order entry software (NinjaTrader) on old computer with TWS and now got disconnects on both computers but not at the same time of the day. From this I gotta assume that it is not IB data supply nor is it ISP but something to do with my computer setups or hardware.

    Any suggestions on how to debug the computer setups and hardware?


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    I guess I wasn't too clear on the initial post. Is anyone else seeing this problem, running ninjatrader and tws, or could give me some insight into whether the problem may be memory or windows XP related or??

  3. I dont run Ninja, I run bracket trader (free) and I have never had a disconnect from IB yet. Not that I have been online long, but it seems very stable.
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    I am running two copies of the TWS on the same computer to manage two accounts. I have been getting these disconnects on one account (always the same one) at about the same time of day. It's hard to imagine how the problem could be on my side. IB/TAC suggested I open a ticket to request that the problem account be moved to a different gateway. I did that but cancelled the request after more than three weeks of no action.

    There are several threads about this problem on several message boards including ET. I have sent copies of my logs to an IB staffer at his request.

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    Yes I was having the same problem with a conflict between TWS and Quotetracker. My pink outs occurred every 18 minutes, every day, all day. I figured out that the problem only occurred when both TWS and Quotetracker were running at the same time. I then figured out that the problem only occurred when I was logged on to trade my Ameritrade account through Quotetracker. The best fix I could come up with was not to have my Ameritrade account trading active in Quotetracker. Both IB and Quotetracker claimed it was not there problem an offered no help. The explanation given by IB's respondent to my trouble ticket showed the total and complete stupidity of IB's respondent and he closed the trouble ticket. The problem seems to occur when TWS and another program that TWS is designed to work with are both open at the same time. In my case, I have not setup TWS to provide data to Quotetracker and I have not setup Quotetracker to receive or send anything to IB, yet the problem occurs. Based on all information, it looks like a TWS bug which is what Jerry Medved with Quotetracker thought it sounded like.
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    I had a similar problem (a disconnect was happening at the same time of day, every day) and someone suggested that my "IP lease" was resetting every 24 hours. My router has a setting for renewing the client lease every 24 hours. All I know is I manually reset my router late at night (when I don't normally trade) and my disconnection issues disappeared. I am just throwing this out there in case it helps someone else.


    I also have this problem when QuoteTracker and IB Java are open. If I do not have QuoteTracker open, I have no problems.
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    I run TWS with Quotetracker, Ensign and Zeroline trader. Don't have problems except when IB has a problem then others are down, which is very seldom. Quotetracker is awesome, prefer it to ensign with exception can't put signals into quotetracker.
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    Run this setup on two machines. Office and home.
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    I am running Ensign and ZLT as well (no Quotetracker). I have seen quite a few log off's and log ons lately. Don't know what is up with this. I have also had a freeze up today of ZLT. Kinda Weird because I rarely have had problems.

    I could be IB.
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