IB Digital Security Card+

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by RedSun, May 17, 2021.

  1. RedSun


    Anyone still uses this device? Or it is just too much work to use it instead of phone device?
  2. fan27


    The "bingo card"? Yeah....I use it.
  3. RedSun


  4. ZBZB


    The reviews of the app were awful so I kept using the gold.card.
  5. I wish I had kept mine. I want it back.
  6. RedSun


    I recall the Platinum is for $1MM+ and Gold is for $500k+?

    The old one was silver.
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  8. RedSun


    No. That is the very basic plastic card, not digital.

    The DSC is like credit card with digital security.
  9. lpope


    Works fine for me but the buttons on it are probably not good for my grandmother, can carry around in my wallet like a credit card without damaging, battery seems to last ~5 years, adds a few seconds to the login process but only need to use it once a day on an iPhone or if you keep TWS open. Overall worth it if you value the ability to withdraw larger sums and/or want a higher security level.
  10. Daal


    I wish they would enable Yubikey for 2FA, its a lot more convenient than this card
    #10     May 18, 2021