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    PG; i don't understand what you mean by upgraded. Also where would the Netscape java plugin come from ?
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  2. You used to have 5.0 and you did a Windows update and ended up with 5.5? Or did you install 5.5 clean?

    I was reading at the Sun Java website. It seems that newer versions of the Java plug-in are compatible with IE 5.5 and 6. But there still might be a conflict with the 1.3 plug in and the 1.4 JRE.

    Anyway, just re-install the whole thing and start over.
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    I don't remember whether I upgraded from 5.0 to 5.5 or not. Anyhow I'll try the reinstall. Thanks again
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  4. I found these interesting release notes on the Sun site.
    The symptoms sound like what happened to you.

    Plug-in and IE would lock/freeze after a modal dialog was launched from JavaScript. 1.3.1_03

    Plug-in did not forward the password with the URLs opened by an applet. 1.3.1_03

    You are running that version of the plug-in.
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    how do I get rid of it ?
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    OK here's the latest; I uninstalled JRE and downloaded a new one from the Sun site. Installed it and guess what? the same problem......nothing works. I give up. If the demo won't run I am leery of trying to trade with the tws.
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  7. OK I did some reading and want to update you.

    The download of either Java 1.3 or 1.4 will contain the new type of plug-in demanded by IE 5.5 SP2 and above.

    I was confusing the way IE and Opera use java. Opera goes straight to the JRE while IE still seems to use the plug in model, although it is the new type plug in.

    I included a screen shot of the Java Plug in Control and what I did to make Java work.

    Essentially you want to go to the cache tab. Clear out the cache. And then re-enable java so a fresh, undamaged jar file in placed in the java_plugin_AppletStore.
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  8. I'm using IE 6 and Sun Java 1.3.1. What you have should work. Make sure you clear out the old jar from the cache.
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  9. Hmmm. Lets try that upload again.
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  10. OK I'll try it as a jpeg.
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