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  1. Under the IE browser under Internet Options/ Advanced, you do have Java enabled?
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  2. white17


    thats correct, I do;

    Looked for the above mentioned file C:\ ........ and got the message "file does not exist"
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  3. renebush


    Here a copy of the email sent to me from IB when I had the same problem:

    This problem can be resolved by clearing the jar cache and repairing

    To do this, go to the control panel, click on the Java icon, go to the
    cache tab
    and click on the clear jar cache button. From there, go back to the
    panel, go to add/remove programs in the control panel, down to
    Internet Explorer, select add/remove and select the repair option.

    IB Technical Assistance Center

    I hope it helps.

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  4. the plug cache might not be exactly what I wrote. Open IE explorer and browser for files lsimilar to that. Of course where I wrote YourUserName you should use your own user name which might be something like Me or Admin or Fred whatever the current user is.
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  5. white17


    Under Java (sun) that is checked. Under Microsoft Virtual Machine the Java console and the Jave logging are NOT checked
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  6. Whenever I've had problem where things just plain don't work at all or take a very long time, I've usually punted and re-installed.
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  7. white17


    PG; in Explore; java plugin Applet Store it says 1.3.1_02 then under JAR it says a very long number
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  8. white17


    PG I have reinstalled but I'll dump the whole thing off my macine and re-download the plugin and reininstall. Thanks much for all your effort.

    Renebush; Thanks also I'll give that a try.
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  9. It does seem like you DO have a Netscape Java plug-in installed which is what you DONT want. The existence of the plug-in is expected since you upgraded, but you really want all those plug-ins GONE, deleted.

    With 5.5 SP2, You are running Java off the JRE itself, NOT the plug-in.
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  10. I bet your IE browser is still trying to run the 1.3 Java plug-in.
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