IB didn't excute my stop, now what?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by bigboy, Sep 24, 2002.

  1. bigboy


    IB did not fill my stop order at all, lost 7 pts on emini instead of 3 pts, what should I do now? If you are doing this for living and trading large positions, what will you do to protect yourself from broker's error?
    I don't want to stick to the PC all the time, any solutions?
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    The first thing you should do is confirm that you sent the stop in properly (ask the help desk to check your audit trail).

    The current version of TWS does not execute globex stops during the after hours session. Given that you're writing at this hour (6AM East coast time), I am assuming you placed your stop during the evening session.

    While this will not help you today, due to improved overnight liquidity and a demand from customers, IB's beta version TWS (will be the next release of the TWS) will allow you to configure your stoplimit for after hours trading.
  3. bigboy


    yes, it is a night order.
    damn, how come they don't tell me i couldn't place stop overnight?
  4. bone


    Never have on any 'size' without personally babysitting the position.
  5. bigboy


    For emini, when is considered daytime trading hours? And overnight hours?
  6. josbarr


    J-Trader as well as some other platforms can execute nearly 24 hours a day.

    9:30-4:15 EST is Day session
  7. the documentation on TWS is easily available for those who bother to read it.. personal responsibility and trading go hand in hand my friend..

  8. You can use some of the 3rd party apps like autotrader and brackettrader to create simulated stops; you must leave you machine on though. The staps are held locally and trigger off the bid/ask. Sorry for your loss but ya really need to read up on all factors involved.
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    just to clarify - the TWS/IB is available during the overnight session. Mgmt made the decision not to support overnight stops on Globex as stops were getting triggered due to poor liquidity and wide markets. Since the decision was made, overnight Globex liquidity has improved and customers have requested the reinstatement of overnight stops. On the next release of the TWS, you can try the beta version from the website, you will be able to custom configure your stop limits (ie. you can choose to have them execute on the after hours session).
  10. What about stops getting hit overnight for stocks? Whats there policy regarding stops for stocks overnight?

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