IB developers suck, I can't trade FX with IB

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by Kicking, Jun 30, 2009.

  1. IB developers you suck ! I mean what have you done for us lately besides causing us aggravation on every upgrades ! TWS is so complicated that even your webinar hosts aren't always sure of what they do.

    Would it be too much to ask for finally an FX platform similar to other FX brokers where we can trade 10 K lots and see our positions as such in the account window instead of the mess that it is right now ?!
    Why is it we can't have FX positions expressed in lots and separated from the different currencies we hold in the account ?
    And stop making the account window ever so smaller on upgrades. It's not an improvement. I won't make any more upgrade to accommodate TWS on my computers. IB as far as I am concerned should send their TWS developers packing, then go back to TWS 2006 or so and save a great deal of money .

    Then perhaps I could trade FX there and pay those $2.95 or so commish that I wish would be lower. IB would still make a whole lot more from me since I trade FX everyday unlike other products.
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    If you only want to trade 10k lots (which IB does not offer) then I am sure you can take a couple hundred from your pile of cash and open another fx account somewhere else without it affecting your overall trading, no?

    If you hate the TWS or FX Trader, use another front end like Buttontrader or Ninja. IB's fx executions are pretty good and they have better than average depth to their book so most people will never have problems getting filled.

    The only major complaints I have are the settlement of the trade with those miniscule amts left over that takes another commish to close and those pesky margins for crosses.
  3. As everyone knows, I don't whinge about IB. I love em.

    And, God forgive me, I even like TWS.

    But it would be very nice if the handling of Fx position display and reporting was changed to make it more "contract like" instead of blurring all the boundaries.
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    Pip gain/loss for open positions would be really, really nice.
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    IB's software development doesn't seem to have any designers. Is it a bunch of coders just winging their little part of the project? Is management weak and allows bullying guys to take over other guys parts of the projects? Is management so weak that they protect the losers and talentless at the expense of the winners with talent? Is management such know it alls that they refuse to learn how to manage a software project? The unfolding drama gets more complex and tense from one episode to the next..... Stay tuned FOR ANOTHER FEW DECADES because it's not going to change...

    I've worked in a software organization with a weak manager that managed to hang in there for years, still is there afaik, he managed to turn the place into such a house of idiots, it took time but he was able to do it... it just smells the same as this ongoing TWS and API misadventure...

    I never complain to the developers of this krapware, TWS, Ninja, etc... I find bugs, I ask for help, they ask me to do a lot of work to tell them more specifically what their bug is, I discover the workaround and I go on with my life.
    Sometimes their comments are helpful, sometimes not... If they paid me say... $500 for each well documented example of their problems complete with enough sample code so that they could not deny the problem exists I would do it, otherwise, DO YOUR OWN TESTING AND DEBUGGING MUTHAS... I don't give a rat's ass about your software as long as I can kludge up stuff that works... I did find a really simple way to blow up Ninjatrader so bad it requires a rebuild of the .NET3.5 and reinstall of Ninja.. .hee hee, I'm holding that secret weapon in reserve for the day they give me some shit... I'll publish freeware that won't quit... hee hee hee.... :eek: