IB developers: are you idiots?

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  1. I downloaded the new TWS.

    It's a POS it took forever to load and was slow. I almost lost a ton at the open because it was so slow. Only thing that saved me was that I had a login ready on another PC with older TWS build.
    I downgraded immediately . Today I tried to make a trade with that new version. EVERYTHING IN THE ORDER MENU HAS CHANGED ! I was not even able to trade, every feature requires activation WTF !

    Have you seen what you need to do to attach a stop now ! ?

    Now I am getting so sick and tired of these upgrades ARE YOU OUT OF OF YOUR MIND IB ?
  2. Why would you upgrade before you have to? I never upgrade until Buttontrader tells me I have to and they have checked everything out.
  3. Sanjuro


    I would never upgrade unless it forces to me upgrade.
    Never use the latest version unless you like being a beta tester.

    Learned that lesson once. It's your own fault for upgrading.
  4. it's my own fault for upgrading ?!

    every now and then THEY force you to upgrade anyway

    I upgraded because of some minor bug in previous version. I usually never upgrade but they force you to.
  5. ids


    How IB forced you this time?
  6. IBsoft

    IBsoft Interactive Brokers

    I think you should ignore both the poster and the thread.
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    First, the majority of the calls came from clients own mistake. They didn't really follow instruction.

    Second, before software release why IB didn't fully tested by themselves instead of letting their clients test their own software.

    Third, if you wait until you have been forced to upgrade then it's likely you will encounter some trouble since the upgrade process is easier and smoother from Vn to Vn+1 while the upgrade from Vn to Vn+2 will likely encounter some trouble unless the software was completely tested but who know if it has infinite cases then nobody can cover all the tests until one user come up with a new issue.

    Fourth, it's better to upgrade after trading hours, preferably Friday after 4:00pm. For two reasons, you have a relax time to read the instruction carefully and if something goes wrong you have a few days to call for support.

  8. Agreed on everything except the incremental upgrade path. IB, you could designate new versions as prerelease or release candidates or some such ... and then release a really solid version every 5 or 6 subreleases. This would probably stop the wailing and gnashing of teeth that you get from time to time.

    I am currently on 854. From time to time I get the latest/last version of a new TWS and save it in my downloads directory. When I need to or want to upgrade I will use one of them for my upgrade (one that no one is having issues with :)) IB if you designated the releases as candidates and stable releases then it would help us choose which ones to save/use.

    So far this has been a good strategy. Only once in the last couple of years has IB forced an upgrade and I complained about it on et - the early versions of the upgrade TWS were bad but the version by the time of forced upgrade was fixed and worked fine.

    PS. Anytime you rewrite the whole thing in C++ and drop java I will upgrade instantly whatever the risk :D
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    Especially, Monday at 10:00am! :D LOL

  10. It's amazing that Java hasn't been replaced by now. It's been around for ages and still so "buggy".
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