IB Denies Problem with Quotes

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by Arnie, Mar 11, 2004.

  1. ...however, to IB's credit, when TWS and data are working as should, it's an outstanding platform...
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    I'm not sure why some people are having problems and others aren't but I rec'd work from programming that they believe they figured it out and the next build should fix it.

    as for decimals, instinet/island no longer supports 3 decimal place trading. the only ecn that I know of that still supports it is Brut. That may not last long as the SEC may shortly rule that only 2 decimals are allowed. (the institnet web site has a blurb on this should you want confirmation).
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  3. alanm


    Quote from bundlemaker:
    How about typing MSCONFIG into the run box from the start menu. Click on the Startup tab. Deselect the box the says "check for TWS updates.

    That only works to remove the check that (used to?) happen when you first log into Windows. For some time now, TWS started checking for updates every time you start it.

    Since I only upgrade periodically, I, too, would like to avoid having to answer the question every time I start TWS. How about making this an optional feature IB?
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  4. I am still having problems regarding incorrect quotes.

    anyone else today?
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  5. Huge range week, with alot of movement, volume and quote changes.......all of which can cause problems and exploit any system weakness's. I traded actively all week YM ES NQ DAX ESTOXX and had 1 TWS outage of perhaps a minute. Even when prices moved extreme I noticed very little lagging of the quotes....Qcharts on the other hand lagged huge.....for perhaps a minute max in some instances.....albeit...this didnt happen very often. That matters little to me as I just use them for charting and not trading off of.

    However these two are not my only sources of quotes, and if you are serious about trading, the more redundant you are the better.

    I think some of you have some ISP/Bandwidth/processor problems.

    ps.....curious thing.....for the past 45 days I've been using an AMD 64bit processor based pc instead of prior Intel's..(32bit)....compared to them, "freezing" problems of any kind have virtually dissappeared. Wonder if this is just coincidence?
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    Did you try the newly added IB Charts? (right-click on the market data line and select "Show IB Graph")
    They are available starting in version 819 and they don't lag.
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    We want to hear from customers who are experiencing SPECIFICALLY this 10-30 second freezing quote problem every few minutes. This does not mean that your market data is updating and is crossed or lagging. This means that the quotes on your page stop updating. If you are having this problem please email help@interactivebrokers.com and include "MG101 Freezing Quotes" in the subject line. Please include your account/username and the version of the TWS you are using.

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  8. Arnie



    I sent a pm earlier today but thought I would also post here. I downgraded to v817 and now the problem is occuring much less. Only happened 2-3 times that I noticed versus the countless times before. Thanks again for your help. Its ironic that we getter better answers here on ET than thru tech support.:D
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  9. >We want to hear from customers who are experiencing SPECIFICALLY this 10-30 second freezing quote problem every few minutes.<P>

    I had this exact problem. This is sometimes combined with the grey TWS window problem, slowness in loggin in, TWS dropping the socket connection, no quotes on the quote line or slowness in processing orders. I've had and corrected this problem twice so far. These symptoms can appear in combination, but the most common effect is the socket connection being dropped (two or three times an hour with slowness in re-loggin in).

    A properly functioning TWS does not have this problem and I don't think the problem is in the server.

    I have verified an issue with the *.lyt files in the XML directory becoming corrupted which can cause these symptoms in TWS. When I say verify I mean that I had these problems so I deleted the XML directory (allowing TWS to create clean files on the next startup). This fixed the problem (but I lost my pages, personalizations and hotkeys). Then I fed in the old *lyt files one at a time until the problem reappeared.

    Think about what's happening. You upgrade to a new version. Suddenly you lose your pages or hotkeys (telling you TWS can't read a file). Then you get this instability with your connection which you blame on the new version itself.

    But think through whats happened. You already know that some *.lyt files have been corrupted (which is why you lost your pages or settings or hotkeys). Then TWS behaves in a way which is consistent with the file corruption issue that I verified.

    The problem is *.lyt file corruption, not the IB server and not the TWS application upgrade itself.

    Anyone with these TWS problems should peform this test. Save your XML directory to a new location (the one named with random letters C:\Jts\dsxcsy). Delete the XML directory in the JTS folder. Restart TWS and see if the problem is solved. You can copy back your data stored in the XML directory after you've done this test.
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    PuffyGums, thanks for the input. I just sent you a PM.

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