IB Denies Problem with Quotes

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by Arnie, Mar 11, 2004.

  1. rwk


    I automatically save upgrade, downgrade, and install files, plus my TWS settings, each time IB comes out with a new build. It's not that hard once you make a habit of it.
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  2. Tauvros


    Have IB "switch" you back to the "old style" feed, I had the same problems a few weeks back as the problem stems from the roll out of a new quote system.

    "From IBsoft, posted on Feb 24 "We are rolling out a new market-data dissemination system and at the same time we are changing the refresh rates"

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  3. Arnie...your not alone i had problems this afternoon,quotes incorrect,also bear in mind sometimes you dont realise they are wrong which is to dangerous for my trading.

    I do like ib`s set up but these recent problems are starting to impact on my edge.
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  4. Does anyone know of a quick way to get rid of the check for upgrades popup - Forever!!! I'd like to have it gone.
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  5. BSAM


    I second that!:cool:
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  6. nitro


    I was having lots of disconnections today. I will download the new version and see if that alleviates the problem(s).

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  7. How about typing MSCONFIG into the run box from the start menu. Click on the Startup tab. Deselect the box the says "check for TWS updates.
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  8. IB had a disconnect for about 5 minutes this afternoon and as usual lately quotes were crap the last 45 minutes( had 3-4 outages this week).

    If the otc is set to island they are fine ,same for setting the nyse to nyse only. It is getting worse rather than better, I hope IB does something about this.
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  9. Freezes, crossed quotes, logouts, slow quotes. One time, while the quotes were mucked, my stop loss didn't trigger, so I panicked and placed a market order. It took 2 minutes to fill, 61¢ below my initial stop loss.

    IB doesn't readily acknowledge the probs. It's as tho they are told not to. You can sense it in their replies. It's always a prob "at the exchange". Bull--why to my other 2 datafeeds keep up and stay straight.

    On another note, has anyone noticed that you can no longer place a trade out to 3 decimal places, e.g., 30.051? IB's response was "you can't do that unless you direct to an exchange". Bull again.

    I like when they say "next time, run a trace route to find out what hop is bad". Right, like I have time to do that while I'm stuck in a trade.

    Another one, "Create a market data line and choose all exchanges instead of Smart. Get back to us and let us know which exchange is giving bogus data." Right. Then what will IB do? Kick the ECN's ass?

    Sorry. Venting here. Bad week.
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  10. Thanks for the suggestion but I had already done that. Didn't help.
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