IB demo system accuracy

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  1. See

    Required minimum / monthly activity

    and note the text "waived for the first 3 full calendar months."

    So the $10 inactivity fee is waived for the first 3 months but I guess the separate $10 quote fee still applies if you are inactive. Two different fees, But at least the total is only $10 instead of $20.
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  2. biemster


    Ah, that I missed. So you are saying the demo system quotes have two sources: the old recorded data AND all the other demo users that happen to be logged in now?

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  3. You did set up the paper trading account in the Account Management web pages, right?
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  4. Yes I did, but overlooked the check box to share real time market data subscriptions. I have gone in and checked that, saved and exited but still no data access. Msg is: No Market Data Permissions.

    Exited the paper trader, logged in to the real account and I can access data no problem, so it is just on the paper trader.
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  5. if you have it in your real account you will not be charged double for adding it to the paper. I just click the subscription field in the paper account and subscribe.
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  6. Does not work unfortunately. When I try to access from TWS paper trade account, it just hangs. When I login to account management for the paper trade account, the data tab is not available, so looks like it is controlled from the parent account.

    Guess I'll have to wait for IB or send a support request.

    Thanks anyway.
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  7. Bob111


    might be this would help-for whatever reason IB only allow you to run paper account on same PC,where main account is(if you are logged in in main account and running TWS). if you are not logged into main account-then you can run paper from any PC.
    ridiculous restriction,that doesn't makes any sense to me,cause i prefer to test my s**t on separate PC,not on same Pc where actual account is running. it's a prescription for disaster
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  8. It's on the same machine. The only thing I have not tried is to run paper and real at the same time. Will give that a shot later.
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  9. I run my paper by itself, no real, all the time, no problem
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  10. It should take effect a day later now that you have checked the box.
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