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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by Gordon Gekko, Sep 21, 2002.

  1. i'm trying to log into the ib demo, but it doesn't let me. i'd like to know if it is just me or if it's ib. someone please go here and see if you can log in. thx a million


    p.s. it says: "login failed. the demo system is not currently available. please try again later."
  2. Do you have the Java installed?

    p.s. I dont think its available on saturday if your trying to get in this morning. Try it again Monday.
  3. Seems to be offline, same message as above. :mad:
  4. thanks guys..


    yes, i have java installed and i also tried reinstalling it. also, on the ib web site it says: "During closed hours, we encourage customers to utilize our demo system to test strategies and to learn the TWS. The demo system is always available."

  5. GG

    Hmm. It uses delayed data to function so I wouldnt think it be available when the market is closed but I may be wrong. I seem to remember trying to get it on the weekends before and not being able to do it. In any case Ill bet you can get in Monday.
  6. gbungard

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    Can some of you veterans IB users advise on best software to use with IB for equity's

    I find there home page a little confusing for a beginner.

    Stand alone or Java based.

    Are execution fast on NYSE issues

    Is there a steep learning curve with software ?

    Any other advise you might have would be very helpful, I am moving account from Pointdirex.
    There Platinum software was great , but had too many other
    problems to contend with.
  7. def

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    1. software: the stand alone and web based are the same software (with the exception that the web based will have the latest release a day or two before it becomes available to stand alone users). The prevailing wisdom is that if you should go with the stand alone as you are not relient upon keeping your browser up and running.

    2. NYSE: if your order ends up getting matched with TMBR (which will match if it can match or better the NBBO), you will have virtually intantaneous fills. If not, your order will go to an Direct+ (or whatever the NYSE order matching system is called) if elligable and after that it may end up in the hands of the specialist. If it gets into the specialist hands, your fills would be subject to the their response.

    3. learning curve: if you're computer literate and intuitive, it should be fairly easy. I'd suggest READING the manual and playing with the demo. From there you can play around with hot keys and a setup that you are comfortable with.

    just my 2 cents.
  8. gbungard

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    Thanks a million ,
    especially, NYSE, because I base my calculation on the expectation that luck will be agaist me.
  9. GG,

    I had this trouble a while back. I already had Java runtime installed, but I think I redownloaded it from the IB site and it worked. Give it a try.

  10. i got it to work..thanks. i think it was just down when i tried to use it.
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