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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by spindr0, Oct 12, 2008.

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    I am currently using the IB/DDE conection to Excel. Works great but I'm looking to add a second computer (also a dual monitor set up) fo an assistant to update my positions in Excel while I focus on trading. She would use one monitor while I would have the other .

    Is there a way to get IB to update Excel on two computers from one account? Would a router be necessary? Would a second IB account be necessary? Or is there a way for her to access my live Excel from her computer (network?) ?

    I realize that I need to speak to IB tech support about this but perhaps someone here has the know how and patience to share some of their experience? I have the trading down - just have very little clue about the technology.

  2. Just set her up a worksheet with two way links that update to and from your worksheet.

    She can place orders and update positions on her worksheet which in turn updates your worksheet and triggers orders from your workstation.
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    Thanks for the response. But what does this mean? IOW, what hardware and/or software is necessary to establish the link?

  4. Computers need to be networked... Setup a share...

    You need to do some heavy lifting with your worksheet setting up linked worksheets. below is a link to a tutorial.