IB DDE (a blast from the past)

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  1. OK...hunting for some documentation on the Excel DDE (besides the cute and vaporous tutorial that appears on the website).

    Can anyone help? Or is the documentation vapor?

    thx in advance.

  2. gee, I know dde is obsolete but...
  3. DDE, anyone? Like, is there some reason it won't work on XP?
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  5. thank you. I find that bit hard to get info from, but I did post a question and thanks again.

    it looks like I need to shift my focus to the C++ API. Any idea where I can see the basics on that?
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    Can't really help. I'd try searching the messages in that group. There is a great deal of info but it is sporadic in surfacing. They are normally pretty helpful, no snide remarks.

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    There is a reference client that comes with API software, you might want to start there.
  9. Yes... DDE is 20 year old technology...
    And it was crap the day it was released...
    But an amazing number of, even high end, quote distributors...
    Are still pushing it on retail level users.

    For example...
    The ONLY API for Thomson ONE...
    Is a 5 year old Excel DDE implementation.

    In terms of IB...
    People often start with and re-write the TwsDDE.xls worksheet in your c:\Jts\Excel directory...
    Which is a fairly well written example.

    Mr. Clam...
    If one eliminates DDE and RTD and Excel entirely...
    What would you consider to be the ideal market data API implementation...
    And if you could point to some existing products.
  10. http://twsdde.wikispaces.com/

    Besides a (fairly complicated) data-processing sheet I managed to build for option-chains, I never succeeded in getting any order out to IB with DDE. Just not enough docu.

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