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Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by white17, Aug 14, 2002.

  1. white17


    Today I noticed that every option symbol on my page that is trading over three dollars shows a change in nickles but none in dimes. How is that possible ? Is this common with IB ? I have checked the bid/ask against 2nd data feed and they agree. It's just the change column that's haywire.
  2. ktm


    My dropdown change column for some stocks has each penny increment listed ten times. It's been this way for a while but only on certain stocks. I guess I stick to the big ticket items when dealing with IB...figuring they know about it but it's lower on the list.
  3. Leave IB alone with anything that does not have to do directly with execution. Whenever they make modifications to the way TWS displays quotes and the like, they allocate more and more memory slowing down the whole system and introducing bugs.

    IB executions are excellent, their commissions can't be beat. That's all I need from a broker (like they say on the RJT commercial).
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    being new to IB I was questioning what else might be bad on the data.
  5. They are special ...
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    That's gotta be it !