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  1. Are you saying they try to profit by charging members
    for exchange fees?
    I think if they charge Minimal fee like 10$ and give
    traders freedom for havin their own selected feed
    isn't more fair?
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  2. No, I am saying that they are in the business of selling their datafeed, so it seems reasonable that they would not want a different source feeding their software.

    As for exchange fees, eSignal does not profit from them. Exchange fees are passed on to the exchanges. The datafeeds (eSignal or anyone else) does not have the option to not charge you the exchange fee just because you already pay it somewhere else. Unfortunately, the exchanges demand that in such situation, the exchange fee should be charged twice.
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  3. Instead they increase their market data from march:confused:
    why? and everyone says they are slower than IB
    #23     Feb 25, 2004
  4. Can IB's feed sent to TS.7 or TS2000i?
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  5. corvus


    Check out Ensign's new IB version. It uses internet sources for charts and IB for the tick feed.

    #25     Feb 25, 2004
  6. Thanks for help. I knew IB supported Ensign for
    data, But i don't want to use Ensign, i need to
    use either Esignal or TS.7

    After doing some search i foumd following links:

    supports TS2000i with IB Data only. (No Esignal or TS.7)

    http:// www.traders-soft.com
    Can't use IB's feed .

    <<OnDemand Server™ is the Data On Demand solution for TradeStation 7, Tradestation 2000i, Metastock Professional 7.x/8.x and ASCTrend6.0. OnDemand Server makes it possible for users to access online data (historical and real-time) provided by the QCharts(Quote.com), FutureSource ProNET, RealTick III, eSignal, DTN's IQFeed, MetaTrader and TeleQuote online data feeds (depends on version). >>
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  7. TS2000i is also supported by Hyperserver Lite. It's free and you can get all the symbols you want. It's better than Metaserver (I tried it before) that in the demo version is limited to 2 symbols.

    Here is the link to Hyperserver:

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  8. Does it says i can use hyperserver lite to use IB TWS for
    TS.7 in on-demand mode only? Can someone explain
    what is ON-DEMAND means? Is it real time Tick by Tick
    feed from IB to TS.7?

    • HyperServer for TradeStation 7.1
    HyperServer Lite for TradeStation 6/7 allows to connect your TradeStation to any internet/satellite quote vendor in on-demand mode, support also ASCII, MetaStock, OMZ, XPO data format.

    Available Datafeeds:
    • TalNet (RealTick III)
    • Tenfore/QuoteSpeed
    • DTN's IQFeed
    • QCharts (Quote.com)
    • FutureSource ProNET
    • FutureSource WorkStation
    • MB Trading
    • eSignal
    • Interactive Brokers' TWS version
    • WinBIS (under Development)
    • TeleQuote
    • ShareInvestor.com
    • NextView
    • MetaTrader
    • Bridge Channel
    • Moneyline Telerate Channel
    • Universal DDE
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  9. don't know about "on demand" but it can't be tick-by-tick with IB since IB datafeed is aggregated
    #29     Feb 26, 2004
  10. Then again what's aggregated? Jerry you must know
    what is "On Demand" means:D
    #30     Feb 26, 2004