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  1. Is there any chance that IB will be providing Trin and Tick in the near future?


  2. on this have been turned down

    perhaps you will have better luck

    email their tech dept / cust service when you get a chance

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    I'll make the recommendation tonight. I'm not sure who disseminates tick/trin and what if anything it would cost, thus no promises.
  4. tick and trin were freebies on CNBC even when the tape on stock quotes were 15 minutes behind!
  5. Def,

    I speak from experience - TICK/TRIN are by far the most requested indices that we see. If there is no financial roadblock, you will make A LOT of clients happy by just adding these 2 indices. Well, 4 - TICK/TRIN for NYSE and more importantly TICK/TRIN for NASDAQ. We see more requests for NASDAQ, but both sets are highly requested.
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    With huge deference to Def (whom I hope IB pays extra for all the good work he does here at ET), IB is not a data provider (in spite of their 10 buck charge or whatever it is). However, it would indeed be useful if IB had this data as a backup to my current data source.
  7. Who cares whether IB is a data provider or not? If they provide data for financial instruments (as do all brokerages for their clients), they can also provide the data for TICK and TRIN. I can even pay some extra 2 bucks if necessary hoping though that frequent traders would get this waived.
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    It depends on the source of the data. If it requires building another data source and/or paying additional exchange or broadcast fees, it wouldn't be worth it.

    Before you comment, I'll repeat I do not know the answer to these questions and I'm hoping to find out tonight (Tues US day).
  9. Whenever this kind of issue comes up, I can't help making my points clear again and again. So is this time. Def, bring my opinions to the management, Please!

    IB needs to implement different levels of quote refresh rate. You may ask for what? For one, it is certainly worth the investment to ensure the performance, quality, and scalability by not letting bandwidth wasted. For two, IB makes some moderate "sideline" money giving the fact that some customers really want enhanced quote service, but not quite much beyond IB intends to do.

    Let me show you an example. Customers are limited to 10-20 high performance quote which is those 40 currently available in TWS. Customer are encouraged to add other quotes with a delay setting from 1 sec to 30 minutes, e.g. 20 quotes refreshing less than every 10 seconds, and 20 quotes refreshing less than every 30 seconds, and so on. The good thing for customer to do this is that with lower refresh rate, IB will provide more data like high/low, volume, interactive analysis so on. Charge those want extra for 10 bucks or so a month!

    Am I right, Jerry?

    Thank you, IB, do me this favor please.

  10. QdzResurrection, in this field, you NEVER want to add delay. As for refresh, thats just not the way things work. If you add levels of service, there is a simpler approach - just charge for higher max # of quotes above 40 (40 is really the bare bone minimum).
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