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  1. Is it just me or IB not showing HLC and volume on Nymex products? In fact, CL just froze at 103.87 ? It hasn't moved and i can't get out of my position. shish.
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    my ecbot data is also frozen but eurex is OK
  3. rcj


    No YM H/L/Vol data.

    Same as last Sun night.
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  5. Same here. They fixed Nymex though.

    Lately, their data feed has been really spotty.
  6. Im not seeing the HALT red indicator on IB lately. Is anyone esle having this problem?
  7. I pull up a few charts each morning and leave them open during the day.

    I am getting no RTH backfill data on:
    ES, CL, GC
    I do get "pre-market" data, but then it stops when we reach regular trading hours.

    I get data on:
    ZN, ZB, equities
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    I have not noticed any data problem in the past week.
  9. Btruck


    Same here, no backfill on most futures (NQ, ES, Cl, 6E, etc...) I do however get backfill data for ZN.

    I have Quotetracker for charting, and have noticed my backfills have been slower than normal, but never terrible. Maybe its QT?

    I also have to say IB is great. This is probably just a fluke, my experiance has been above bar with them.
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    same thing happened last week, slow backfill and missing data spots
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