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  1. Anyone else have problems with the "streaming" refresh and backfill using this setup? I have 6 separate layouts monitoring 34 charts and everytime I switch between layouts I have to manually refresh the data because it's not effectively updating itself. This is obviously a huge concern considering that I trade on a 3 min interval, and I haven't been able to trade all day long because of it. I am considering switching my data feed to either Esignal or DTN. Anyone have any suggestions here? The support staff at Ensign claims that the Esignal data feed works best with their platform.

    Kinda stuck in a minor rut here...

    thanks for your help

  2. I know what you mean by the refresh. I recently started using Ensign with IB after having used eSignal for a few years. Fortunately, I only trade using one workspace with five 1-minute charts. However, when I switch to another workspace during the day to pass the time when nothing is happening, I find that the data generally backfills "in due course." Since it does not affect my trading, it has not been of concern to me. Just thinking "out loud" here: have you tried pressing and holding Ctrl+Tab and letting Ensign quickly cycle through the various charts in your newly opened workspace a few times? The refresh seems to occur a bit more quickly on its own that way, however I'm not yet certain of this. It may just be coincidental. In any event, I find that when I go back to my principal workspace, which I have been away from for only a few moments, the refresh occurs almost instantly.
  3. Click on a chart and press alt+1 to refresh.
  4. But I think that's what he meant by manual refresh, no?
  5. Lucrum


    alt + 7 will give the max refresh

    If you haven't already check to make sure the auto refresh is selected on the "data" page

    edit: I just saw where you spoke with support so I assume they had you check the auto refresh

    I do have some occasional refresh issues
    with the IB/ensign setup as well
  6. thanks for all the replies. i have auto refresh selected and i have been manually refreshing throughout the day. nothing has worked at this point. the IB feed wont backfill any of the data after i switch layouts so I currently have to backfill with DTN and then switch back to IB in order to have the "streaming" data. this is obviously very tedious and simply not very economical so i'm going to try and completely revamp my setup. im going to try to fit everything on 1 layout (2 monitors) so that the data should be continuously flowing into the active windows. theoretically, this should alleviate the problem. or at least im hoping. my charts will be much smaller, but i think i can make it work. once again, thanks for the suggestions. if you happen to think of any more please send them my way, as im not sure if my current idea is the best fit for what i am trying to do.

  7. If for some reason you lose connection each time you change the layout, click on Set-Up ---> Connection ---> Connect to IB.

    Ensign refresh is a bit of a hassle and it does have other quirks, but having used eSignal, I would choose the former over latter anyday. You can also create more space on an ensign layout than your desktop would allow and scroll up/down/left/right.
  8. so you prefer the IB feed over Esignal? just curious, because one of my other alternative solutions would be changing my data source, and i currently have no experience with Esignal, so a comparison is difficult for me to establish.
  9. Who has the best charting software for use with IB? QT, Ensign, Sierra, etc?
  10. i have never used QT or Sierra, but Ensign is great in terms of functionality and flexibility. i am still struggling a bit with the integration of the data feed, but i think i might have found a setup that works. plus, its very cost effective, but i guess it all depends on what type of trader you are and what you are trying to accomplish in your search of a platform.

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