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  1. US Securities & Commodities Non-Professional Bundle (Includes all Stock, Options, Futures and Bond markets)
    United States
    Free (USD 10.00 market data fee if less than USD 30.00 in commissions per month)

    Does this subscribtion really include all futures exchangese in the US. ie CME,CBOT,CME,NYBOT, NYMEX, KCBT? or am i dreaming? because just one of these exchange cost at least 30 bucks on tradestation. If this is for real, does it include pit-traded as well as electronic products?

    Thanks in advance for the response.
  2. alanm


    It includes the electronic futures exchanges - not the floor quotes. That is, GLOBEX, ECBOT, NYMEX eMinis, EUREXUS, ONE, NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ, ECNs, option exchanges.