IB data problems again?

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by gober, Jun 19, 2011.

  1. gober


    Anyone having problems with IB data using third-vendor charting software?
    I'm using NinjaTrader and I can't get data before the current time. It seems like I have to start collecting data the moment I connect with IB. The problem is just limited to the current day though.

    IB charts work just fine.
  2. Texas


    I had to give up IB data feed on amibroker which I used in conjunction with other softs

    IB has lot of holes

    it won't take long for a new broker to take them if IB keeps deteriorating

    changing last price quoted definition to feed Timber Hill

    covering it up

    constant data issues

    IB won't survive the decade in this manner
  3. No problems here charting with two different API's but I am not using NT.
  4. gober


    Freaking crappp....
    It seems the latest TWS is not compatible with the latest NT.
    Downgraded to previous TWS, it says NT is connected but no data streaming in. WTF?
    I've spent the morning in waste for this shit
  5. moarla


    i had problems with latest TWS connecting to Ensign Software.

    It seems IB changed something.
    I called Ensign, the same day i had a new update, and the connection was fine again.

    So call Ninja, they have to do there work.

  6. If ya beta test the latest TWS what do you expect? I upgrade when they knock on the door with a shotgun.
  7. No problem here (not lately).
    Must be an issue related to the platform you are using.

  8. hektor


    I updated to version Build 918.6, Jun 17, 2011 today and dont get any realtime data for Tick-Nyse. Anyone else have this problem ?
  9. DAV

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    If you are experiencing market data issues with 3rd party programs please PM me.
  10. hektor


    it doesnt update in the TWS.
    #10     Jun 20, 2011