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  1. Please, make the chart a bit prettier. They are really too ugly and there's no way to adjust them.

    Also please provide 1 ,2, 3, minute bars on 2, 3, 5 days charts. Now we can only see 1, 2 minute bars on daily chart.
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  2. AMEN!!!!!
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  3. kostia,

    Thanks very much for the update. I am very much looking forward to it and will be working with the Sierra Chart folk to get an update that will handle this.

    For those who are interested in the opportunity and the problem this presents here is how I will be using it.

    I use one symbol on my charting for my tick charts which are "near real" getting data with 200ms sampling. I enter and exit by what is happening on these charts. These charts may not include every high and low but if you look at the picture u will see how I use the background from the longer timeframe chart to show the true highs and lows (from the 5sec true data).

    I will use the new symbol (5sec true data) to form all of my longer timeframe (minute+) charts.

    With Sierrachart we can use the longer timeframe chart as background to the short timeframe. That allows me to see any highs and lows that show in the true feed but don't show in the realtime feed. At present I get "true" data by backfilling one of my tws symbols for the same data but not the other.

    <img src="http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/attachment.php?s=&postid=1415583">
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  4. I hope I can backfill the snapshot tick data from IB tws
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  5. joesan


    It seems impossible to achieve this currently. But then again statistically this will not have significant effect on the final trading result. Sometimes it hurts, sometime it helps.

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  6. sure

    the filter tick data helps me

    the tick chart of esignal has too many spikes
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  7. simki


    I think starting with 5s is too long... 1s is more like it.

    If you provide a 5s accurate feed, users will most likely subscribe to it but still keep the 200ms feed. Then your bandwidth load will most definitely increase a lot.

    If you provide a 1s accurate feed, it is more likely that some users will switch to the new feed completely, thus lightening load on the 200ms feed.

    Of course the ultimate aim is to provide this feature in the 200ms feed.

    thank you
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  8. kon.P


    i agree...1 sec. acurrate data included number of ticks true highs and lows and up and dn volume it's the best solution..
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  9. Tums


    seems like IB is doing everything it can to discourage people using IB as a datafeed.
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  10. I have to agree. I sincerely hope this is not seen as a replacement for the current feed. How can a 5 second OHLC bar be "real time" ? What a mess.
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