IB Data Feed stopped during high volume

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by et123, Nov 7, 2007.

  1. et123


    for two days now any spike in volume IB data feed gets hung ... on the same PC esignal data feed is fine...

    Anyone else experiencing this problem today so far?
  2. laocoon


    yes, same here...
  3. maxpi


    If you are trading off of Esignal data how are your fill prices? Are they closer to what you see with Esignal or closer to what you see with IB?
  4. I don't understand why they don't open their TWS with a data plugin-architecture so ESignal, DTN etc. can develop data plugins that feed their data into TWS instead of the less reliable IB data. Always good to have options for redundancy.
  5. et123


    here is the funny thing - normally IB datafeed is more reliable than eSignals...particularly during the last 2 post FOMC moments ... but something has changed on the IB side of late...bothersome to say the least as my system uses IB as primary data feed for execution...
  6. I am sure there are always phases where datafeed A is better then B and things go back and forth. If TWS would let me feed 3 feeds into it I'd subscribe to 3 good ones and feed them in and switch between them as I see fit.
  7. I compared the data with 2 versions of TWS. The one that freezes seems to be the older version. The newest version seems normal.
  8. et123


    I am running the latest version, (build 878.5)... and this problem has only occurred with the latest one ...never recall experiencing this problem with older version (well back to August anyway)