IB Data feed problems?

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by SideShowBob, Dec 18, 2006.

  1. To make matters worse my IB feed died today. TWS was showing the correct account value but stale prices. After awhile it kicked in the new values. Down from around 11:37 AM EST to 12:46 PM EST. Pain in the @ss!!!!

    Did this happen to anyone else?
  2. no probs here. i have the latest build too. For some reason this doesn't affect me (knocking on wood).

    Maybe its cause i use this PC for trading and nothing else. i don't play games on it etc. That's all i can think of.

  3. I lost quotes around the same time but still haven't gotten them to return. I run two different TWS for two different accounts, from the same PC, but only one stopped receiving market data. Actually it still receives *some* tickers, but most are frozen. Like you seeing, the Account page is updating and even showing the correct market price in there.

    Thanks IB for making me upgrade to 865! :mad:
  4. Jayford,

    I don't run anything but trading apps on my trading PC either....so that's not it (I download my porn on the other PC :p)

    It seems to be isolated to a few people....but I'm damn glad I have tradestation for a backup....but now I'm going to need to automate a switch-over....pain!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I'm going to open a ticket about it and downgrade to 864 (if I understand the popup I got 864 is still OK) until they get this fixed.
  6. SSB, it it happens again tomorrow I'll probably downgrade. This is only the second day so maybe it was a one-time glitch. I suspect what may be the culprit: around 11am I lost internet connectivity -- not just with TWS -- for about 30 seconds. TWS, as usual, disconnected/re-connected, but I bet the re-connection failed to inform the server of all the ticker symbols it needed. So TWS *thinks* it's getting quotes when the server end is not updating. I can get other quote data just fine, just not for the ones I was originally receiving.
  7. Followup: just for fun, afterhours while still running the same TWS with the lost market data, I temporarily pulled the plug on my cable modem to force a disconnect/re-connect. Sure enough, the lost quotes were fully restored upon the re-connect. So if anyone runs into this problem with TWS until we get a fix: try either exiting TWS and re-starting, or just disconnect your modem for a few seconds.
  8. I wasn't around but my autotrader logged a few "...lost connection with market data..." type errors today.

    This usually happens when my crappy satellite ISP goes out, but I suspect this was IB, since others had the same thing. But do note that the connection was successfully restored every time.

    Luckily, the market didn't do much today.

    Good trading to all. :cool:
  9. SideShowBob

    recently I was "forced" to "upgrade" from my "old" version.

    Since then I have noticed that the quotes are often crossed, imho IB's programmers have made some changes to "reduce" the number of quotes to be transmitted (don't know for sure) but I am extreemly unhappy about this.

    I have a seperate dataprovider - do not want to rely on IB's quotes - and have noticed these discrepancies.

    Not relying on IB's quotes has made me free to move broker if the needs warrant it. (not locked in with software) May well look into this seriously if the situation keeps on deteriorating.

  10. Bob111


    data is gone on all of my IB accounts right now, @ 12:41 PM
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