IB Data Feed Problems?

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by jetbird, Oct 4, 2006.

  1. jetbird


    Real choppy here. Anyone else?
  2. bigbob


    I'm in SW suburban Chicago and it is flakey here, too. I'm connected through Comcast. My pingplotter program says the Comcast connection is working fine: 35 ms ping times. It seems that it started just before 10:00 cst and it is still flakey, on and off, as of 10:45 cst.
  3. bigbob


    Looks like it was likely Comcast's fault. At the same time I was getting flakiness, some of the TVs in the house were losing audio on some channels. Picture was fine. Tvs are run off of digital cable boxes.

    I called IB and the tech rep had me check a few things to make sure everything on his end was ok.

  4. mtwokay


    Anyone having IB data feed problems today? My TWS appears to update for a few seconds then stalls. It started doing this with version 862.9a.

  5. Same here -- my data is really lagging.
  6. Manong


    No data here in Toronto, even the website is off the air.
  7. Trading in Montreal, Canada and it's beyond slow right now.

    It's probably IB issue this time around.
  8. Gonz


    same here.. laggy and spikey :(
  9. ozzy


    I'm also having problems -- something defenitely wrong.
  10. mskl


    problems here as well.

    Does anyone know if it has to do with the new version? (862.9a) I just downloaded it this morning.
    #10     Oct 10, 2006