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    New stuff from IB. Might be interesting to check out:

    Daily Options Commentary

    We are pleased to introduce our new daily options commentary. As most professional traders know, options market prices have built-in information which is not only useful to traders in the options marketplace, but also to traders in the stock and futures markets. Each hour starting at 12:00 until 16:00 ET, we will post the top twenty symbols for implied volatilities, volatility gainers, volumes leaders, volumes gainers, implied/historical volatility, put/call ratios, and call/put ratios, along with written commentary from our trading desks. As an IB customer, you have the benefit of seeing all these indicators, as well as other indicators in real-time, using our TWS Market Scanner window. In the coming months we will add additional indicators of interest. Visit our options commentary page for more information on how to read the options commentary indicators, or to register for a webinar.
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