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    I made few attempts to reach IB in the subject of Financial Advisor Separately Managed Accounts for our CPO.
    Emails were ignored, phones were busy for ten minutes, before I gave up.
    Is it very common ? Are they so good, that they don`t care ?
  2. contact IB 's personal perhaps through their website
    see forums ?

    or leave a private message here on elite trader in one of the IB
    threads for "DEF " who is with IB in hong kong

    hope this helps
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    I know that it should help, but I`d better find another broker.
    Once we do not have intraday trading models, some more money for better service still make sense.
  4. Try the customer service chat and keep the chat window open for a while. They do answer the chat.
  5. I worked at a tech help desk. They worked out the costs of running the office per call they answered. $29/per call.
    That probably doesn't work too well when you are charging .005/share.

    At this call center (its a well known big corporation), they actually wouldn't answer the phones too fast, so the real idiots and complainers would not be too inclined to call.

    Hence, IB is purposely not providing that great customer service.
    The reason: Who needs a customer doing $100/mo. in commissions and calling 10 times a day to b**ch about fills, costing the firm to provide the support! The kind of high volume "pros" they want, arent going to be calling that much anyway, so the bad cust service not a problem for that customer.
  6. IB (and these other firms) should try an optional "premium support" service. You pay a fee per month, and get direct access to a customer rep. Less than 3 rings!
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    I've got to say that I don't have any serious complaints with IB's customer service. I rarely have to call. There is an occasional technical problem, but I think that is part of electronic trading. I have occasionally gotten a rep who doesn't know anything, but I have always gotten someone who could help eventually. All in all, I can easily live with their service given their commission structure.

    I think that those of you who think you will always be able to get help within a few rings are kidding yourself. If everything in the system is functioning properly, this should be possible. But as soon as there is a real problem, everyone will be calling. No one can afford to keep enough employees around to handle these occasional problems. Even a full service brokerage is going to be hard to contact if there is a real problem in the system.

    Find the broker that provides the services that you value most. For some this will be instant customer service with a personal rep. For others it will be commission. Etc. Good luck.
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    When I requested the info I received a message saying that the managed acct info would be available in August. I'm sure their "well informed" support staff haven't been clued in yet
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    Thx vicana,

    and I`ve got nothing. Looks like they like You better :)
    BTW, I don`t expect from such inexpensive service to keep bunch of people answering the calls. But some minimal standards should be followed.
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