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  1. I've been with IB for 6-months, and for the most part I'm happy with the service, but dealing with their customer service can be very frustrating. I just called to ask why a specific NYMEX index symbol - CL - isn't working. The rep basically told me he doesn't have any idea, doesn't know whom to ask at IB to find out why, and basically acted like I was out of luck if I ever wanted this symbol to work. I asked why IB lists symbols on their website that they don't support. He again sounded exasperated that I even asked, and told me "I have no idea".

    Maybe my expectations are too high. I previously worked in a call-center environment. I would have been fired if I gave answers like that to our callers.
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    Sign up for IPE in account management (free exchange fee) and enter COIL as a futures contract. Ask IB when the IPE brent crude options start.
  3. ib got customer nosupport dept.
    it's terrific.
  4. Or use the ticker base symbol QM.
  5. You are lucky that you didn't get insulted as well.
  6. I did sign up for the IPE, but I still can't see the COIL symbol. I guess I'm not the only one frustrated about this. I do get the QM futures quote, but I wanted to see the CL index also. I guess I'm out of luck with IB on this issue. They're not all bad by any means, but improvement with stuff like this would be great.
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    Some of the time i have found IB's CS to be lacking, but there have been a number of times that it has been fantastic. On average it has been very good in my experience.
  8. I've gotten stuff done. You have to push a little, but for the most part, they fix things.

    I've not seen Cybertrader or Tradestation to be any better, and maybe even worse over the years.

    They are just nicer about telling you to go fly a kite.
  9. If they *were* real nice 'n friendly, then they'd have to double the # of people answering the phones and guess where commish would be at?

    Discount broker means you do everything yourself. Call them only if there's a problem that you absolutely, positively can't fix by yourself.
  10. IB customer service has improved from horrible years ago to being very average OK.... BUT i do this trading thing for money.......not fun and jokes...... and imo IB kills the competion with the best execution trading platform for the little guy.
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