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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by goforwand, Jul 2, 2003.

  1. It seems as if the majority of the posts relating to IB Customer Service are negative in nature.

    As with most businesses, customers are more willing to express themselves after a negative event, rather than a positive one, so I just wanted to give a brief mention of a positive experience I had with IB this morning.

    I called IB this morning regarding questions I had regarding opening an Advisor Account. My call was answered on the second ring, and the CS rep on the other line spent 10 minutes with me explaining the process, giving me helpful tips and shortcuts, and otherwise providing me with much more information than I originally thought I would require.

    The call was handled in a professional and friendly manner, and I never felt that the rep was trying to "turn" me to answer another call.
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    Good for you. Nice post!!!!
  3. I called last week and actually had an enjoyable exchange with tech support for ~20 minutes, regarding delayed and crossed quotes. Previously, I was used to terse and not-so-cordial conversations. Hope this is a trend. I read somewhere recently that IB was focusing on improving Cust. Satisfaction. I think I just experienced that commitment. :)

    Keep it up!