IB customer service : VOTE 1 at 10

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  1. FLY7788


    dgola = 5

    mattm = 2

    lizg = 1

    hubert = 1

    ernest ( chat ) = -1 ....

    coriss = 2

    pglas = 6

    benoit = -1

    angelp = 10 !!!!!!!!!!

    heinzg = 3

    johne = 6

    lwong = 7
  2. Tums


    go open an account when the customer service is 10
  3. Put up a real poll.
  4. You want better customer service? Then you have to pay for it with higher commissions, less interest paid on long balances, more margin charges on short balances, etc..
  5. Its 10 out of 10.

    It solves most of our problems
    Its inexpensive (they focus on markets, technology and cost)
    It discourages the most service hungry newbies

    And it provides huge amusement when it pisses people off.
  6. Aok


    IB is the King of Retail brokers. Could it be improved? Of course.

    But if you have a better, more versatile retail level broker with better executions and access to worldwide markets, please post a review. I'd like to know who they are.

    IB is not for noobs.

    Professional trading? Thats something else. IB will never go that route.
  7. asragov


    I believe that it is the #1 request on IB's website, but it is annoying that they don't pay interest on the first $10,000 of cash.

    MB Trading and pretty much all others have a sweep money market vehicle where you can earn interest on any amount of cash.

    The cash above $10k earns interest, but an extra $450/year would be nice (that is, 4.5% interest on $10k).

    That part of the deal seems pretty lousy.

    Does that count as customer service?
  8. yes. as in

  9. DMAC777


    I work with a guy who used to work at IB and he says it is the biggest chop shop in the biz.
  10. Bob111


    aimee is one of the dumbest CS person i ever deal with in IB. have to admit-she works for while in IB. like for at least 4-5 years or so. i open ticket in morning with simple question, got standard respond from her, where i have to contact IB to verify my info(which have nothing to do with initial question in ticket). as result-spend 45 minutes with nice girl from banking dept, verifying info on all our accounts.

    ernest very calm black fella, always helpful. There is Bob,who sounds like 45-55 years old white guy, also always happy to help and actually knows a lot about all sort of trading issues. Overall-IB CS is improving, compare to what were it was few years ago.
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