IB Customer Service is Poor

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by stockgirl, Jul 14, 2006.

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    maybe not the forum but this particular thread is to talk about IB.
    you can always start a thread on any subject.
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  2. i should add,the montreal people are decent when i have talked to them a few times.
    but it's just like any company,some great people and some knuckleheads.recently,i had a problem with shaw cable and the rep i had was great,while the previous guy was a jackass.does that mean shaw is a crap company?no.

    a company improves when customers tell them of needed improvements.ib seems to listen to the customers on improvements and suggestions

    kiwi-quit drinking and mellow out
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  3. My personal experiences about banking services at my local banks are great. I think about 9 out of 10 times I am treated like a person - politely and nicely, not an idiot. For example, they say thank you every time at the end of the conversation. They patiently answer and listen to their customers.

    Although they often give me wrong/inaccurate information (I sometimes need to double-check to verify the information I receive), that's fine. I would imagine it is nothing easy to remember/understand everything correctly.

    What I would like to emphasise here is their attitudes towards customers. My local banks value customers much and many are very polite and patient to customers. They are "A" grade on attitude towards customers.

    IB should learn form them.
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  4. Exactly the same.

    Kindly reporting the bug/problem, but treat me like a immature child.

    I find it rude when I get transferred suddenly or end conservations without any prior notice. Does anyone feel the same?
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  5. Yes, sometimes!
    I don't know if the ticket system is buggy. Sometimes the ticket simply disappear out of the blue.

    Although I don't use customer service too often, that doesn't imply I don't care about it.

    I like polite and friendly people. I value them even I don't use it too often.

    Let say there are 2 shops selling identical products - shop A for US$10; shop B for US$15. However the staff in shop A are rude. The staff in shop B is polite and nice. Even if I simply buy the product and go away (I don't need their customer services), I am still willing to pay higher prices just for their good attitude and services.

    I like to reward good people, so they know their good attitude and efforts have been worthwhile. :)
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  6. TraderHerry,

    If you like to reward people for their service and you are so disappointed with IB why don't you just take your business to another broker. You talk like a big swinging dick. Prove you are and act on your impulses.

    Please go to another broker. Slimetrady recommends Spottrade - Go there!!!! Or trade with your bank. I don't care - stand up for yourself and walk now!

    If you go there then IB will have more time to spend working for the rest of us. Go to another broker. Be a man. Act as tough as you talk.

    Stop asking stupid questions. Stop whining. Go to another broker NOW. :D
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    Kiwi's a rotten sod, but you have to love him! :p

    Anyway, what was I think of saying... oh yeah....

    With other brokers, since they screw you over with fees, they're sort of obligated to say thanks and be polite. Least they can do to keep their good times rolling. You know, sort of like it's expected that the $1000 call-girl would do a bit more moaning and "oh daddy you're the best" while the $40 hooker might have the nerve to ask if you're done yet with a disinterested smirk.

    Geez that was vulgar. Sorry about that. Post happy hour. And I'm not saying that IB's a $40 hooker. That was a bad example. But I think you get the point of; you get what you pay for. And what you pay for isn't customer service. If you approach IB with that attitude, then you will understand that it is you who must be most considerate of their time. Make certain that you've really thought about your question, exhausted not only their website, but their PDF manuals. Experimented with their paper trader. And ask yourself, "is this really important?" LOL.


    What IB is, is really like a pro outfit that's reached out to a select brand of retail trader. Most of the new clients that have no experience with the professional side of this business of trading, think of IB as just another broker. Many of them have also had no experience with any other broker but were attracted to IB for their low fees and range of products. Therein lies part of the problem. (I skipped over IB for years. They were too new and too radical. Low fees. 100% online trading. etc. Preposterous. However, when I lost my backup broker...[drum roll] REFCO, which was Lind Waldock before Reffie bought them, I had no choice but to look for another back up. I'm seriously considering making IB my primary.)

    Random thought: You know, customer service costs money. The more customer service, the more money that needs to be spent. The economics of really putting in the old colleg try when serving the $5000 and under account, most of whom blow out in under a year, just doesn't make sense. For Scwab, E-trade or Fidelity, who primarily deal with the $5000 crowd, of course it makes sense to sweet talk your custmers to death. (recall the $1000 call-girl.) For Trade Station securities, well, WTF really? I don't know. They're just bad all around. Cruz & co, really screwed the pooch when they took their software proprietary and turned it into a brokerage outfit. All the while abondoning the stand alone aspect of their software. That was stupid. Stupid. I would have at least made tradestation an API platform where you could buy it outright or via subscription. And would have had multiple levels to which you could subscribe or buy. Tradestation was the shite back in the day.

    Oh well, time to piss off then.

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  8. ror dude, that was quite a metaphore, or better an ossimoro. lmao.

    ib same shit as a $40 hooker, yeah i like to bang her day and day out, ror how cheap.:p
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  9. Bitstream, if you are banging $40 hookers, YOU are cheap...:D
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  10. Shes only $40 but shes good. Very good.

    Just lacks a few social graces and doesn't prop up the virgins' fragile egos :)
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