IB Customer Service is Poor

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by stockgirl, Jul 14, 2006.

  1. u work for IB also little boy?
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  2. Bob111


    After all I’m actually been really surprised by the quality of European IB trading desk support. Those guys are top notch. And feature, where you have to enter your numeric portion of your IB account does actually work over there. They know what is going on before they even pick up the phone line. US CS-disaster... I can post pages of totally unprofessional answers on my requests. Especially regarding API \TWS issues... none of them been answered right. Not even single one. And I do have proof of it. Some of them can (and some did) cause really big problems for me and my automated systems...
    Most of IB changes regarding API\TWS are not documented, so you never know, what you can expect from your application, if it based on IB API. Very scary sh**t.
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  3. lol, if this poster is a girl, I'd be very surprised.

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    Good point.
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  6. Another IB critic full of bull.

    If they post at all before they attack IB they're asking newby questions and then ... they're experts. Love the picture too.
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  7. girly--switch to europe helpdesk and u probs are gone in a flash; line: +800-42-276537.
    ...or hong kong if u wish...they good there also: +85221-567907.
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    The obvious questions is Why can't the US helpdesk be as good as the European helpdesk? Guess I'll have to learn about Skype when I have time.
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  9. Seems to be more and more transvestite traders here at ET lately...:(

    I guess it's getting harder and harder to pull tricks nowadays so
    they think they can make it as traders instead...:eek:
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  10. doooodzzz... can't believe how much foul language in dis thread man... u guyz just wait till rockcrab finds out...
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